All conditions stipulated below should be considered as irrevocably binding upon ordering, delivering and upon receipt of the invoice and/or payment. All different conditions on behalf of the buyer are considered as non-existing.

Goods are shipped, whatever kind of shipping method used, at the buyer’s risk and all related expenses should be paid for by the buyer.

All stipulated delivery terms are to be considered as an indication and are not binding. A delay of delivery can not result in cancelling the order nor in refusal of the goods, nor gives the right to submit a claim for compensation, to postpone or to refuse payment.

Partial shipments have no cause to refuse payment of delivered goods.

Any complaint should be advised by registered letter within 14 days after receipt of the goods if subject of the complaint or after receipt of the invoice if related to this document. When you have bought goods or services from Remedent NV, you have the right to decide to return the delivered goods within 14 days from the delivery or the conclusion of the agreement. You can return your order within 14 days without penalty and without giving a reason.

For all warranty regulations we are referring to the separate statement of the after sales service. In no respect reductions or claims, even for exchanging costs, can be taken into account. The buyer is committing oneself to maintain the goods according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

All unsettled amounts at the due date will be increased by 1% at the start of a new month. In case of non-payment of the complete invoice amount at the due date, the amount will be increased by 15% with a minimum of 50 €. All delivered goods remain property of the seller until all invoices are being settled, however without effecting the risks involved related to the sold goods. Non-payment of the goods will give the irrevocable right to the seller to recover his goods. All paid amounts will be kept by the seller in terms of indemnity and fixed interest.

The courts of Ghent only will be competent.

Remedent NV cannot be held responsible for any loss of data.